Sunday, 17 February 2013


Meet Mel. She's the only person I know who'd do the Harlem Shake on top of a London bus in a spacesuit.

Mel is the most utterly crazy person that I've ever had the pleasure to come across. I first met her at Sixth Form - we did pretty much the same A Levels and therefore spent quite a lot of time together. Whilst the rest of us spent two years learning about Stalin's Five Year plans, Mel spent two years perfecting the best way to set a dictaphone to record a "remix" of Backstreet Boys and System of a Down using two CD players. She had a penchant for Will Young, procrastinating, Sholer and bringing themed cake or biscuits to every history lesson possible (learning about Garibaldi was a lot more fun when accompanied by Garibaldi biscuits).

Anyway, fast-forward ten years and Mel's still awesome. Not knowing much about Stalin hasn't held her back - in fact, if anything it seems to have done her lots of favours. She's lived and held down all sorts of amazing jobs in South Africa and Switzerland. She ran the Berlin Marathon without much training. She's cycled the Nile, ran a race dressed as a Gorilla, met Bill Oddy and worked for UK Sport over the Olympics. There's not much Mel hasn't done.She's knowledgeable, passionate and a joy to be around (despite the bad remix obsession).
In fact, I'd quite happily be stuck in a rocket orbiting around the earth for a few days with Mel.  

Which is a good job too, because she wants to go to Space. But she needs your help to do so.

Watch the video. Share it using the hashtag #spacemel and vote for Mel in the Lynx Space Academy competition here - Feel safe in the knowledge that you've played your part in putting a Will Young fan into orbit.

Thanks all x

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