Friday, 25 January 2013

Goodbye England, Covered in Snow: My week in pictures

Leeds was covered in a blanket of snow at the beginning of this week.  Despite wishing and hoping with all my might, living a ten minute walk away from work means that something magnificent has to happen to warrant a snow day. So, instead of being snuggled up in my pyjamas on the sofa like Ash was come Monday morning, my day was spent gazing out of the window, watching the snowflakes fall from my desk at work. The result was a very pretty Leeds-Liverpool canal and the Round Foundry (a lovely area of Leeds that's full of design and advertising agencies) was a winter wonderland until the snow turned to icy slush. 

What do you do when the weather gets cold? Make banana bread, huddle up in the warm at Friends of Ham and eat your weight in weight in pork, of course. My week was also brightened by a lovely postcard from my Mum - one of the only people I know who still sends letters. I love the Puffin postcard set that this Heidi postcard is from.

By Thursday I had managed to tick a lot of stuff off my mega list of stuff to do at work, which was celebrated by another trip to Friends of Ham and a glass or two of red wine - pictured here on the best table you ever did see. Thursday was also the day of my monthly book group - so the Penguin Books table top was very fitting! The evening was spent chatting with some of my favourite Leeds ladies about Louisa M. Alcott's Little Women. I'll try to write a longer review soon, but here's a teaser until I do: we all loved it. 

Friday has so far encompassed an icy walk to work whilst the sun rose majestically across the canal and Tower Works. I love this part of Leeds- the juxtaposition of old and new architecture is a constant reminder of the city's industrial history and the 'new money' upon which modern Leeds has been built.

So, what will the weekend bring? Hopefully snuggling up with a new book, a bit of baking and gathering gifts for my #Heartswap pen-pal. It's just started to snow again, so I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are! 

I'll leave you with a bit of Laura Marling - a perfect song for watching the snow fall to.

Have a wonderful weekend x

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